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Has Özgen Textile has founded in 1970 by Fehmi Özgen under the name of Ozgen Tehstile in Tokat, 600 years textile experienced city, on the historical Silk Road.  At that time, Ozgen Textile produced head scarf, sile  cloth, cloth, products sych as tableware eith wood block printing method and using root paint, Tokat’s traditional profession.


Hasözgen Textile established a new factory has 4 thousand square meters covered area and increased it printing capacity to 6 million meter per a year in 1998. And it continues working under the new name of Has Ozgen Tectile Industry And Trade J-S ., CO. Since that time.


Ozgen Family, activates in textile  printing sector as a manufacturer and trader for more than 40 years, established the second textile printing factory with 8 thousand covered area in Tokat industrial Zone in 2004. As a result, after the establishing these facilities traditional Tokat head scarves start being produced with the latest modern technological methods. Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing operations are made integratre in new established facilities and producing 15 million meters printing product per a year. During recent years the product diversity increased besides with the production capacity increasing. In additionally, twisting and dyeing unit, a capaciyt of 150 thousang kilograms per a year, thread, dyed or raw yarn, twisted yarn multipurpose for textile, has established in these facilities. Amount of fabric are using head scarf production is producing in our facilities, weaving unit with 100 sets looms, able to weave closed edge fabric. Severeal types of garments are producing made of printing fabrics in clothing unit also.

Our products are supplying under our own brands, Berivan, Eyvan, Çeyiz, Evvel to markets.

Our company adopted the strategies of costumer centralized.